Training Services

In the ever changing medical field, staying up to date on all of the latest regulatory requirements, equipment and practices is crucial to the success of any infection prevention program. Offering programs on topics such as food borne illness, emerging infectious disease and mock surveys, IP&MA is prepared to offer excellent training and educational services to a variety of facilities and specialties.

IP&MA provides educational programs in a variety of formats:

  • In person at the request of organizations
  • On-line self-paced study guides individualized to the facility
  • Focused study programs for certification reviews

Common Topics:

  • Prevention of infection in nursing homes in hospitals and in other health care settings
  • Food-borne Illnesses
  • Specific Infectious Diseases:
    • Hepatitis and blood-borne pathogens
    • Tuberculosis
    • Lice/Scabies
    • Childhood illnesses
    • Influenza
  • The Threat of Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Elements of compliance for JCAHO review
  • Mock survey
  • Recognition of high risk and systems error Implementation of a error reduction program Staff development

Full day workshops and programs developed on request.

All education courses can have continuing education credits for nurses.

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