Jccarf Accreditation

Hospital accreditation is a cornerstone of evidence-based medicine, quality assurance, and modern medical ethics. Being prepared for a survey and maintaining accreditation is essential to the reduction of medical error, time, and cost to both facility and patient. IP&MA provides accreditation assistance throughout the entire cycle for hospitals, long term acute care, home care, hospice, ambulatory care and behavioral health care organizations. We make sure that you and your staff are confident and prepared to go through the survey process.

Services include:

  • Pre-survey evaluation
  • Interim compliance assistance

Mock Surveys offer:

  • Objective external assessment and a prioritization task lists to develop and improve organizational systems and functions
  • Organization-wide or focused service reviews
  • Review of plans, policies and procedures, records and documentation
  • Individual and group interviews, education programs and coaching

At the request of the facility, a mock survey can be unannounced! IP&MA also offers ongoing compliance assistance throughout the year, including the review, revision and/or development of policies and procedures.

IP&MA also offers education and training in:

  • Organizational and or performance improvement
  • Systems coordination and integration
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