Program Management

Our team understands that the cultivation of knowledgeable, experienced and proactive infection preventionist is the goal of every facility. Additionally, we recognize a shortage in the availability of qualified and experienced infection preventionists. In an effort to assist with the development of staff, IP&MA is pleased to offer ongoing program managment and training,  providing focused program direction and expertise.  With our ongoing program managment, IP&MA equips your facility with a certified Infection Preventionist to provide training and onsite expertise to develop staff.

Our onsite visits and training are conducted by a certified infection preventionist and consist of multiple visits based on need. While onsite an IPMA infection preventionist will provide hands on expertise and training to:

  • Validate surveillance
  • Provide ongoing data analysis and recommendations to committee and overall program oversight
  • Review hospital wide policies including infection prevention program plan, annual evaluation, IC risk assessment, blood borne pathogen plan, TB risk assessment, construction and renovation, isolation and departmental policies, if necessary
  • Complete environment of care rounds with infection preventionist
  • Telephone availability regarding infection control issues
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