Program Planning

As the business of managing health care facilities becomes more complex it is essential to mitigate cost and time lost to both patient and facility. A consistent, and professional infection prevention program is an additional layer of security for your patients and facility. Preventing the intrusion of pathogens into your facility, is as vital and complex as the physical security of your patients, staff, and property.

IP&MA provides quality infection prevention and control consultation services for health care organizations and related service industries. By a concise evaluation of the service systems that reduce and control infections, substantial savings are realized.

IP&MA will:

  • Evaluate, review and or development of infection prevention and control programs to meet your individual needs.
  • Assess , revision and implementation of effective surveillance systems - Assess your employee health program
  • Create realistic policies and procedures aimed at reducing the risk of transmission of infections
  • Review of performance improvement priorities
  • Appraise cleaning, disinfection and sterilization practices
  • Evaluate resource allocation for the program
  • Review of bloodborne pathogen and tuberculosis control programs
  • Provide crisis intervention for unusual occurrences and pre-survey preparation
  • Develop and provision of educational programs for staff annually and as needed - Evaluate cost effective interventions
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