Covid 19 Response And Service

Beyond cleaning and disinfecting, what’s next?  Your organization faces unprecedented challenges to reopening and to conducting business going forward. Others will clean and disinfect or offer technology solutions; IP&MA understands that we must do more to protect staff, clients and customers, and provide services as safely as possible.

Preventing the current and future crisis requires specific, data driven solutions that work with your existing processes.

IP&MA recognizes that your business is being faced with uncertainty as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and figure out how to safely return to operations.  Infection prevention and control is a new level of security that businesses must begin to assure as the world deals with the threat of coronavirus.  We offer data driven solutions to the new conditions and challenges your business has to consider upon reopening and can help you develop strategies to enhance existing procedures.

Our approach is grounded in Lean Six Sigma process improvement principles.  We will review your current processes and business needs and help you implement and operationalize sustainable control measures to help keep your team and customers safe.

Services offered:

· Remote and onsite consulting

· Evaluation of existing processes and identification of high risk work processes

· Assessment of space use and physical layout, with recommendations to reduce risk of exposure and transmission

· Recommendations on cleaning and disinfection and personal protective equipment

· Education programs for staff

Providing services for:

· Healthcare Facilities and Clinics

· Schools

· Resident and Day Camps

· Restaurants

· Hotels

· Sales and Commercial Organizations

· Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

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