Consulting Services

IP&MA staff takes a flexible approach to consulting services, offering them in the way that best fits your facilities needs. We provide both on-site and online consulting services, long-term or short. Virtual consultations may be combined with on-site evaluations at the request of the facility.

IP&MA experienced staff is available to:

  • Assist with development of infection control plans and program including surveillance activities, employee health, education, regulatory compliance, job descriptions, evaluation tools and report forms
  • Analyze your facility's infection surveillance data to determine issues, priorities and potential interventions
  • Identify high risk areas and guide your facility in the development of prevention strategies
    - Assess employee health programs
    - Review all departmental policies related to infection control
    - Evaluate, revise or create OSHA blood-borne pathogen and TB plans
    - Mentor new infection control personnel
    - Assist with outbreaks or other infection control related occurrences
  • Develop and/or provide in-service classes to your staff on topics relevant to infection control including:
    - OSHA blood-borne exposure control plan
    - OSHA TB control plan
    - Disease specific topics such as MRSA, VRE and Hepatitis
    - Infection Prevention strategies such as prevention of pneumonia, urinary tract infection, and influenza
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