Solutions across the continum of care

IP&MA provides a range of consulting services concentrated on infection prevention across the entire continuum of care, and in every regulatory region of the United States.

IP&MA offers a premier level of expert service that sets us above and apart from the competition. Our focus on increasing IP expertise provides to our clients a resource at the leading edge of quality and regulatory practices. We understand that you have many factors to consider when selecting vendors for your facility, and the differences between vendors are crucial.

What Makes IP&MA different?

  • Currently, there is no other group practice providing the level and diversity of services as IP&MA.
  • IP&MA facilities have met and exceeded regulatory requirements in every region of the continental United States.
  • IP&MA facilities can experience significant cost savings as a direct result of recommended changes in practices, and the focused expert management by IP&MA.
  • Combined, we have over 100 years of infection prevention experience.
  • We have provided services to acute care facilities, long term acute care facilities, acute rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, inpatient psychiatric facilities, outpatient surgery and clinics … in other words, we have experience throughout the continuum of care
  • Every year, one or more of our facilities experience Joint Commission Surveys, DNV surveys, or state licensing surveys. Any focus areas or issues are shared with the group such that all can improve.
  • We are also experienced in assisting facilities to attain compliance with CMS Infection prevention conditions of participation.
  • Employees are active in APIC serving in multiple capacities in their local chapters.