Architectural Services

Disruption of a health care organization's physical plant by renovation and construction can have significant and costly effect on the health of patients, visitors and employees. IP&MA has extensive experience in mitigating the delay, and cost of planned and unplanned renovation, and construction. We work with staff and contractors to minimize the potential health impact of plant disruption.

IP&MA will provide valuable knowledge for optimizing the patient care environment, including:

  • Separation of clean and dirty areas
  • Visitor/patient/staff traffic flow
  • Air flow
  • Isolation room design and placement
  • Provision of adequate handwashing facilities

IP&MA will complete an infection control risk assessment that evaluates:

  • The invasivness, extent and phasing of construction/renovation
  • The disruption of essential services
  • The assessment of susceptible patient populations (as described in the AIA's “Guideline for Design and Construction of Hospital and Health care Facilities”)

IP&MA will also:

  • Collaborate with the facility to develop life safety measures and emergency preparedness, should loss of utilities occur
  • Educate contractors, subcontractors and health care workers to comply with the requirements and to maintain barriers and interim life safety measures